Monday, October 28, 2013

Sneak Peek

The Katschkes haven't seen their photos yet because I'm still working on their Christmas cards . . . so here is a sneak peek (mostly for Amy :)  You are the best, thanks so much!

Family pictures - Bybees and Eastleys

First of all I want to thank all the families that allow me to take their pictures.  I feel like I learn more each time and I truly love it!

It was fun seeing Misti and her family again.  Since they moved to the other ward we don't see them.  (I'm sensing a theme here :)  Thanks again you guys!

I also got to take pictures of the Eastley family.  They are a great family (their little girl has me smitten - what a cutie!)  

Miss Maddie is getting baptized!

and I got to take her pictures for her invites and big day!

This young lady is such a sweetheart and my favorite neighbor of all time - I still miss her sweet voice saying, "Hi Sister Buchanan" from two doors down - we definitely miss them!

The day we took her pictures it was COLD and the wind was blowing - she was such a trooper though and we were able to get some great shots - take a look . . . .